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A respected authority on leadership and organizational development

This nationally recognized consultant, author, and speaker brings keen analytical abilities and agile thinking to her clients. She has in-depth knowledge of human capital utilization and organizational effectiveness.

She brings the ability to critically consider complex, multifaceted systems. She is comfortable raising difficult questions, sharing insights, and providing guidance that helps organizations succeed. Her sustained success as an entrepreneur provides her with the ability to deeply understand questions of viable innovation, scale, and emerging strategy. 




Joanne provides guidance on organizational effectiveness, strategy, and leadership development. She is committed to partnering with her clients to deliver results that positively impact climate and culture.

Executive & Leadership Development

Joanne prepares leaders to meet the constant demands of an ever-evolving world. She designs unique developmental programs that enable leaders to discover their ability to transform themselves and their organizations.

Individual Executive Development

Beyond Coaching provides in-depth, individualized exploration of each leader’s challenges, opportunities, and struggles. It is a confidential space for one-on-one assessment of patterns of behavior, approaches, and results. This service is designed for leaders who want to accelerate their trajectory.

Coaching Institute

This educational series is designed to support a comprehensive approach to performance management. The interconnected courses enable leaders to refine their capacity to coach and counsel.

The series begins with an evaluation of each participant’s current coaching competencies and plots a course to develop higher levels of mastery.

Keynotes, Workshops & Retreats

Joanne moves minds with informative keynotes, substantive leadership education, engaging workshops, and retreats. She was voted Best in Class two years in a row based on her outstanding performance at PCMA’s Convening Leaders. She delivers learning that lasts!



Joanne L. Smikle, PhD partners with organizations in every industry sector Clients count on her for consulting, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness.

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Joanne is also available for conference and convention speaking…she moves minds!