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There are three principles that guide Joanne’s consulting work:

Organizational effectiveness begins with competent, committed leaders.

Both organizational and leadership development are essential foundations for sustainable success.

There is no element of the enterprise as valuable as the human element — the people who fulfill the promise.

Joanne begins her consulting work with data gathering. She develops evaluations, assessments, focus groups, and culture audits to get to the heart of the organization. She positions organizations to reach their most powerful, positive potential.

Joanne adds value in these key areas:

  • Strategy Implementation & Evaluation
  • Human Capital Utilization, including EDI, Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Executive & Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development & Organizational Effectiveness
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She delivers results that positively impact organizational culture and climate. Her focus on talent management and pipeline planning provides comprehensive approaches to getting, growing, and keeping great people.


She brings extensive experience guiding her clients in comprehensive approaches to developing and evaluating strategy. She helps clients create alignment between strategy and operations.

Reach out to Joanne when: 

  • Processes, systems, and services don’t reflect alignment with organizational strategy
  • You want to build cohesiveness among functional units
  • You want to end the Promoted But Not Prepared Syndrome
  • Strategy is neither clearly communicated nor understood throughout the enterprise
  • You want to create an environment where commitment and retention are the norm
  • You want to create an environment where innovation can flourish
  • Performance and productivity are waning or inconsistent
  • You want a comprehensive framework for maximizing leadership skill
  • You have a desire to create inclusion

Executive & Leadership Development

In addition to consulting that positively impacts organizational effectiveness, Joanne provides executive and leadership development. She prepares leaders to meet the constant demands of an ever-evolving world. She designs unique developmental programs that enable leaders to discover their ability to transform themselves and their organizations. Participants delve into the practical application of leadership concepts in order to move from abstract theories to real practice that moves the enterprise forward.

She uses case studies, assessments, and experiential techniques to maximize the impact of this professional development. Joanne’s clients benefit from her use of the principles and best practices of comprehensive leadership learning. She uses thoughtfully created processes to systematically design highly customized programs that deliver results.

Her work is designed to support and advance each client’s mission and strategic goals. No two programs are the same.


Call Joanne to discuss comprehensive strategies for cultivating executive and leadership talent.

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Individual Executive Development

…Beyond Coaching

Joanne provides one-on-one development to leaders committed to examining and accelerating their trajectories. She provides curated, substantive tools for addressing business challenges.


Beyond Coaching provides in-depth, individualized exploration that offers a confidential arena for leaders to discuss their struggles with professional development. It’s a space to explore approaches, patterns of behavior, and outcomes.

Joanne helps leaders gain deeper insights into themselves, get solid ideas for advancing their careers, and strengthen relationships with stakeholders. Each session generates Action Learning Assignments that translate learning and development into actual practice.

This is for leaders who are ready to dedicate focused attention on themselves, their roles, and their results. This highly individualized process moves beyond coaching to truly Individualized Executive Development.


Are you ready to fulfill your potential?

Keynotes, Workshops & Retreats

Joanne moves minds with informative keynotes, substantive leadership education, engaging workshops, and retreats.  She delivers learning that lasts!

These are some of Joanne’s most popular topics. She also custom-creates keynotes, workshops, and retreats. Ask her about designing a presentation for you.

Smart Talent Development Strategies

There are few organizations that have the luxury of not attending to their most important resource, their human talent. This interactive session provides a comprehensive approach for cleaning the sludge from your pipeline. The ideas will help you create a flow that feeds essential positions throughout the organization.

Key topics include developing a strategy for identifying latent potential, cultivating high performance, and creating career paths that engage employees throughout the enterprise. Leave this session ready to mount a strong defense against turnover, to promote healthy retention, and to create an enriching work environment.

The Hard Facts About Employee Commitment and Retention

The question of why employees commit and engage is an important inquiry for all businesses. With so many employers wanting to both recruit and reverse high turnover trends, it is critical that leaders develop an understanding of why people stay.

This session presents a research-based approach to understanding employee engagement. It shifts the focus from turnover to comprehensive organizational strategies that create lasting commitment and retention.

Leadership Strategies for Building Socially Responsible Organizations

Complaints about morale, turnover and overall dissatisfaction abound. This thought-provoking session tackles the root causes of these issues and proposes social responsibility as a practical strategy for transforming workplaces.

This session provides leaders with tools to implement comprehensive strategies that connect their enterprises to the larger communities. It provides a clear template for building meaningful social responsibility that invigorates employees and enhances relationships internally and externally.

Tools for Transforming the Enterprise 

Use Appreciative Inquiry to get measurable, lasting results for the leader, the team, and the organization. Apply the elements of AI to real-time dilemmas. Develop transformational strategies that are practical and applicable.

Get exposure to the 4-D Model and the 5 Generic Processes. Both approaches can be adapted to address issues ranging from productivity to work process redesign, to specific performance management issues with staff, to raising the bar on innovation and creativity in the enterprise. AI is also extremely useful in strategic planning. Finally, the session addresses practical considerations and cautions that leaders should consider when applying AI. 

Gadgets Won’t Get It! Engagement Will! 

You have tech tools that give you instant access and immediate information, but do they really help you engage on an enduring, human level? Probably not! This highly interactive session provides leaders with powerful techniques for building sustainable connections that give an organization a competitive advantage. Learn how to engage other leaders in making strategy stick. Learn how to get a greater ROI by fully engaging every stakeholder in the enterprise.

Jump-Starting Spectacular Performance

Use the three “I’s” to catapult your organization into high performance. Get practical tools for leveraging each one to position your organization for long-term success. Learn how to incorporate Design Thinking to spark positive change. Learn how to get beyond obstacles to innovation. This is the presentation for any and every leader who is looking for ways to reduce stagnation and complacency! 

Joanne’s virtual tools enable leaders to learn anywhere.

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The SmikleSpeaks podcast and YouTube channels prepare leaders for an ever evolving world. You’ll get leadership tools that you can use. Topics include, Resilient Leadership, Foundations of Leadership, Career Development, and Collaboration.

Coaching Institute

This educational series is designed to support a comprehensive approach to performance management. The interconnected courses enable leaders to refine their capacity to coach and counsel. The series begins with an assessment of each participant’s current coaching competencies and the organizational context.

Joanne uses linked, interactive workshops that enable participants to…

  • Track and monitor performance
  • Recognize and address power dynamics
  • Inspire individual and team excellence
  • Communicate clear expectations
  • Address resistance and conflict
  • Enhance collaboration with stakeholders

This institute grounds participants in the fundamentals of skillful coaching. They will have opportunities to simulate a variety of coaching and counseling situations.

This program is interactive and experiential by design. Action Learning Assignments enable participants to master coaching competencies.


Refine your performance management system! Contact Joanne to launch the Coaching Institute in your company.

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