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Joanne L. Smikle, PhD is a nationally recognized consultant, author, and speaker. She brings keen analytical abilities and agile thinking to her clients. Joanne’s in-depth knowledge of human capital utilization enables her to strategize for organizational effectiveness.


She brings the ability to critically consider complex, multifaceted systems. Joanne is comfortable raising the difficult questions, sharing her insights, and providing guidance that promotes progress.


Her sustained success as an entrepreneur gives her the ability to deeply understand questions of viable innovation, scale, and emerging strategy.

A Respected Authority on Leadership and Organizational Development

Joanne is committed to providing leadership learning that lasts. She’s an author with more than 100 articles featured in business publications. Visit the library on this site to download those resources. Her writing focuses leaders on results.

If you don’t have time to read, Joanne has virtual tools that will accelerate your trajectory. Visit the SmikleSpeaks Podcast Channel (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify) for interesting topics designed to help you grow. Her Youtube Channel has videos that are perfect for individual and team development.

Beyond her thriving consulting business, Joanne actively serves on boards and volunteers with organizations that assist underserved populations. One of Joanne’s core values is service. She lives that value by being involved in activities that improve our world.


Joanne serves on the Board of Trustees of Saybrook University. She also lends her time to the Advisory Board of ElevateMeD and the Board of Directors of Heritage Ministries Charitable Care Network. She serves, by way of a gubernatorial appointment, on the Oversight Committee on Quality of Care in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.

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